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My first live appearance with the Chapman Stick

I finally broke the ice on April 21, 2011.

Bernie Landry and a 10 string stick
A view down the Chapman Stick

Did 2 songs on my own with the support of Florean the Harp player (harmonica).

We did a version of “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys” and an original of mine called “What’s the Truth”.

Lessons learned:

1) Practice the tunes through an amp in a rehearsal room. Practicing in head phone does not give the real sense of whats happening; especially when I sing at the same time.

2) When playing the stick live, no music stand or other objects blocking the view of the audience who want to see the finger movements. They are intrigued with the stick.

3) the most common comment was, love the sound. I used a bit of chorus and reverb on the high string section of the stick and the Bass strings were “as is” (no effects at all).

Off to Connecticut for a Stick workshop with some of the greatest stick players on this planet.