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The Chapman Stick at the Border

My new Chapman Stick is sitting at the border, the studio is starting to shape up and I’m putting in 1 hour a day playing bass and guitar.

Tracking my stick’s trip on UPS, just waiting for customs to clear… Gee sounds like an Arlo Guthrie song.

This is what my stick looks like but the inlays and tuning keys are different

Playing an hour a day, here is my first discovery.

It’s interesting how at times you seem to be spinning your wheels. So much effort trying to get a bit of traction. And at times forward momentum is sooooo… slow that it almost feels like going backwards.

That’s how my playing feels why not try these out.

However, I know from experience when I played regularly, that if you just keep doing it consistently, you allow your EARS to guide you. So when the moment comes when the muse materializes, even if for only for an instant, a leap in ability, confidence, excitement and joy takes place.

I can’t wait! Lets play…

Back on the Path to Musicianship

It’s Friday and I have to admit, it’s time to move forward pop over to these guys. I have started composing again and it came at the most unusual time.

Working it out in the high end

Jamming with the Writer

The first piece came to me while reading an acoustic guitar magazine. I was just noodling a bit with 2 of the chords in the exercise given by the writer.

It’s like jamming with the writer and you come up with a different riff. Then you develop it over a few days. Not intentionally, but sort of like living and breathing the piece. Adding and subtracting from it each time you pick up your instrument.

I have since added a chorus and have started developing a 3rd bridge type part.

Hopefully soon I will put up the first demo.

What accidental or “on purpose” composing experience have you had lately?

Leave a comment…

What is a chapman stick?

Well, I ordered a 10 string Chapman stick and it will take about 3 to 4 months for the company to produce it and ship.

So what is a chapman stick?

Emmett Chapman on a 10 string Chapman stick

Well take the idea of a piano and apply it to a guitar and bass. And instead of plucking the strings you just tap the note at the appropriate fret buy tamiflu.

Now imagine that you are playing the bass part with your left hand and the melody/chords with the right.

What does it sound like?

Here’s Kevin Keith on the stick just to give you an idea.