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The Stick 1 Year Later

In October 2010 I discovered the Chapmam stick.

Have you ever been a frustrated (instrument of your choice) player?

You know I was a frustrated lead guitar and piano player. I knew the theory, and I could compose musical pieces. (Notice I said pieces and not songs).

Playing bass came easy because I always had rhythm and I love dancing! (OK, I said it. Dancing…) And I love technically challenging music.

So the stick allows me to combine the two in real time.

When I got the stick I found every advancement was like the steps on a flight of stairs. Playing and practice lead to individual advancements. Some came quicker then others.

In about a year I became familiar enough with the fretboard that I could play bass and chordal phrasing simultaneously. Like a piano man, but with the punch and groove of a bass and harmonic accompaniment of an Electric Guitar.

Now put some lyrics on top and voila… You have the tools to create some Cool-Prog-Funk-Rock.


Back From Connecticut Stick Workshop

It was a fantastic experience online premarin.

A Great Bunch of Chapman Stick Players
A Great Bunch of Chapman Stick Players

Some take aways from the event:

  • Have the courage to make mistakes
  • Not everyone has the same technique
  • Listen to everyone to gain wisdom and insights
  • Think, play and listen

Thanks to everyone who participated. Especially Steve Adelson, Greg Howard and the organizer/host Brett Bottomsley.

Workshops and Seminars to Improve Your Musical Skills

It’s always a plus to get some playing instructions from a pro. This weekend I am fortunate to be getting Chapman Stick tips and techniques from a few “Stick” masters.

Steve Adelson and Greg Howard are sharing some of their methods to a group of us at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT.

The Chapman Stick is a unique instrument.

I have been learning to play this instrument on my own for 6 months and this going to be a really exciting, and I am confident enlightening, experience.

Have you ever attended a group training on an instrument? Did you find it was beneficial?Any thoughts you’d like to share?